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Index of /gnu/mig/

File NameFile SizeDate
Parent directory/--
mig-1.1.tar.gz 139K23-Jun-1999 17:34
mig-1.1.tar.gz.sig 15223-Jun-1999 17:37
mig-1.2-1.3.diff.gz.back-RSN.README 1902-Aug-2003 21:08
mig-1.2.tar.gz 144K10-Jun-2001 09:20
mig-1.2.tar.gz.sig 6510-Jun-2001 09:21
mig-1.3-1.3.1.diff.gz 916930-Aug-2002 19:34
mig-1.3-1.3.1.diff.gz.sig 6530-Aug-2002 19:41
mig-1.3.1.tar.gz 145K30-Aug-2002 19:34
mig-1.3.1.tar.gz.sig 6530-Aug-2002 19:41
mig-1.3.tar.gz 145K08-Mar-2002 12:36
mig-1.3.tar.gz.sig 15208-Mar-2002 12:52

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